October 9, 2009

Wedding Invitations 101

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Wedding Invitation crisis no more! Find and create your own unique wedding invitations, whether handcrafted, bought, designed and printed, or digitized. Make your invitations unique and personal for the perfect wedding.

Your wedding day is about to approach and everything is set; flower arrangements, catering, venue. The only thing that lacks in your list of wedding day must-haves are the guests. And that is where the trouble starts.

How should one make the invitations? The questions range from budget to uniqueness of the invitations. But do not panic, here are some tips and tricks on how you could make and personalize your wedding invitations.

Keep in mind that more personalized wedding invitations look more interesting for the guest. This can practically lure your long lost uncle for example, to appear at your wedding. If you are not so artsy, just make the design and leave the crafting to others.

The first place you have to seek out for your dream wedding invitation is your local arts and crafts store to look for the materials such as cardboards or colored paper and knick knacks. Use the same color scheme on the invitations, which you are having on your wedding. You may also use the same color only for the décor of the invitation and have the rest in a different color; it depends on your taste.

The type and style of invitation also often reflects how the wedding is supposed to look like. If the wording and the design is traditional, that is usually what you can expect at the wedding.

For the text of the cards, you can use the ordinary word processing programs on the computer. Copy shops also offer affordable rates for duplicating invitations. If you would like to have the letters handwritten then you may use silver or gold pens. Depending on the color of your choice, the pens can compliment the background and give the invitation an elegant touch.

Talking about the text, spelling is very important here and your cards or messages should be proofread. Believe it or not, many brides-to-be do not know how to spell their fiancé’s and parent’s names. Also know how they would like to be addressed and how to format the letter.

If you are up for something more unique than cards as wedding invitation, why don’t you try singing telegrams or video messages though e-mail, or sent directly to the invitee. This will surely make a long lasting impression on your guests, and maybe increase the worth or your wedding gifts, who knows?!

Who said that technology cannot be used for traditional wedding invitations as well? Simply shoot a video of your invitation with your soon-to-be and send it through e-mail or duplicate it onto VCD’s to send to the guests. Video and audio editing programs are affordable and easy to avail to make the digital wedding invitation a success.

There is a variety of options that you can look at if it comes to wedding invitations. If it is handwritten, bought, printed, or digitalized, there is always the right choice for every individual with different budgets out there. Your part is just to choose and get creative in the process to make your wedding invitations and your wedding day a success.

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